Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rachael's 100

1. I love to try new recipes (cooking and eating)
2. I want to finish my formal education
3. I am the oldest of 4
4. I love to travel
5. I want to learn many languages
6. Peanut Butter is a new favorite for me (I really did not like it until 6 years ago)
7. I enjoy driving
8. I love taking pictures and wish I was better at it
9. I love making things! Clothes, cards, crafts- everything
10. I love reading a good book and hate feeling dissapointed by an ending
11.I like to eat octopus in the summer
12. I am afraid of fish bitting my toes
13. Sometimes I have a phobia of talking on the phone (I know it's weird)
14. I have a cell number for Italy and USA
15. I would love to live on the east coast USA
16. I am often lazy
17. I rarely excersize (that explains the extra weight)
18. I love music- I miss american radio
19. I love to shop for a good deal
20. I rarely buy something NOT on sale
21. I love my family (I love to spend time with them)
22. I collect journals, or blank books
23.I like to write down quotes, famous sayings or encouraging phrases
24. I am a proud member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
25. I served a 18 months mission for my church in northern Italy
26. I love make-up
27. It's so lovely to see others smile
28. I never thought I would marry an Italian
29. But how glad I did (correction... a sicilian)
30.I don't want to live in Italy my whole life
31. Italian hospitals scare me (as well as all the medical system here)
32. I love fresh flowers
33. When I was yonger I wrote poetry
34. I also played the flute when I was younger
35. I can wake board but not water ski (maybe its time to try again)
36. I don't like white rice much
37. I want to get my pilot certifcation
38. I have been sky diving and would love to go again
39. Chamelons are my favorite animal(nn I have owned 2)
40. I love gelato
41. I like dogs and wish our life style would allow us one
42. I don't like to be wrong
43. I like to give more then receive
44. I don't like to be board
45.Indesiveness in people is a quality I dislike
46. I don't know how to take a compilment
47. I like to explore new places
48. I know how to pack fast and pretty well (Gio thinks I love it)
49. I like camping, but not the smell of camp fires
50. I love to see Giovanni happy
51. I hate to feel that I am wasting money
52.I speak Italian, but my writting skills are not great... and my grammar needs help
53. I like meeting new people
54. I think of myself as outgoing, but often am more shy in Italy- I guess I have 2 personalites
55. I am often naive
56. I love surprises
57. I like shoes
58. I would rather be cold then hot (you can always add layers)
59. I love to have my back tickled
60. I think I am creative
61. I love to take baths (wish I had a tub)
62.My eyes change color (thanks dad)
63.I love fresh fruit, veggies and spices
64. I enjoy laughing
65. I learn better by watching and asking questions
66.My toenails are always painted
67. I once co-owned a pet chicken, Goldie.... she ran away
68.I had braces twice (2 years when I was 14 and for 1 year when I was 23)
69. I had jaw surgery to fix my overbite 2 weeks before I stared highschool
70. I have vivid dreams and I often remember them
71. I experience de ja vu all the time
72.I will have 3 new nephews/neices before July
73.My birthday sometimes falls on American Thanksgiving
74.I am a night person
75. I had ONE stitch as a result of a bike accident (its the only stitchI have ever had besides my jaw surgery)
76. I have NEVER broken a bone
77.I am a bad speller
78. I always wash my face before going to bed
79. I like to Iron (kinda have to with no dryer)
80. I designed my wedding ring
81. I love to watch travel shows
82. I am bad at math
83. I love the smell of earth after rain
84.I enjoy mowing the lawn
85. I love it when people are sincere
86. I like to hear my realtives talk about how they fell in love or other special stories to them
87.I like to pluck Giovanni's eyebrows
88.When I watch movies in Italian I need the Italian subtitles
89. I love Utah and explaining to people what it's like
90.I am excited to be a mom some day
91. I love sunday naps
92.All the Italian holidays get on my nerves (why do so many saints have holidays anyway?)
93. I loved sharing Italy with first my parents, then my sister (Bex), my bro and sis in law(Jr and Kristi)... can't wait for Rory and Jennine to come some day!
94.I love having meaningful conversations
95.I enjoy blogging (even though I may not write so often, sure wish I knew more about HTML codes)
96.I love technology- even though I don't always understand it
97.I love to boat, lake powell and pineview are my Utah favs
98.I like to sing, although I am no good
99.I love quality time with anyone, or myself
100. I love my husband

Just so you all know Giovanni is working on his list too! He is about half way!
I tag Megan and Kristi!

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