Monday, May 5, 2008

Giovanni's counting to 100

Gio started his list so I will post all he wrote so far!

1. I love dogs, cats and horses
2. I love travelling
3. I don't like it when people are fake
4. I love New York
5. I like the cinema
6. I like to read
7. I like nature
8. I don't like to be in the spotlight
9. I am excited to be a father
10. I love Rachael's new recipes- how she cooks
11. I love food smells
12. I love tennis and ping pong
13. I attended the opening of the US Open in 2003
14. I am the 5th Eagle Scout in Italy
15. I had my first kiss when I was 17
16. I have a degree in law, but don't want to be a lawyer
17. I am ALWAYS washing my hands, I am paranoid of germs
18. I think with my nose- I LOVE smells!
19. I have had my deviated septum in my nose operated on twice and I still snore
20.I love dealing in International Relations and PR
21. I like to snorkel
22. When I was younger I used to Sail
23. I love classical music
24. I love to sing, even if I am off tune
25. I had a stamp collection when I was younger
26. The first time I went to America I was 17
27. I am very patient
28. I am honest
29. I like volleyball
30. I love to play chess
31. I would love to help others- be involved with a group or organization that reachs out to those in need around the world
32. I wear a gold chain and braclets
33. I am a pack rat
34. Generally I have a lot of enthusiasm for life
35. Sometimes compliments embarass me
36. I underestimate myself
37. I like to meet new people
38. I perfer salty over spicy foods
39. I LOVE pistachio's
40.When I was little I wanted to be an astronaut
41. I would love to see the world from a yacht
42. I want to write a book
43. I like to quote things from memory
44. I am always worried I will make mistakes
45. I love to get a good deal
46. I love genealogy

47. I have found MUCH of my family (one side from 1100's other side from 1500's)
48. Susan Sarandon is my cousin
49. I worked at the United Nations in NY for nearly 1 year
50.I enjoy new places
51. I love Good food
52. I love the sea and mountians
53. I love to be cuddeled by Rachael
54. I love Sea food
55. I love to sleep and take naps

(gio will have to add to this when he has some more time, more to come)!

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