Monday, May 12, 2008

happenings in Milan

Two of my American friends and I meet for a little walk Friday mid morning. We ventured to the Navigli here in Milan, a bunch of canals that DaVinci created to help the city function. All the marble used to build the city Duomo was transported through the canals all the way to the site of construction! It is now a local hot spot! We walked around just this one and saw the place where the women would come to wash their clothes. There is rumor that for EXPO 2015 they will repair all canals again! IF they do that there will be more then in Venice!!!
Saturday we were invited to buffet dinner and karioke at a friend from church. It was new for both Gio and I. Gio LOVED it! I was sweating bullets through one song! I dont know if I will do it again soon.... too nervracking for me! Still a fun weekend!
Happy late Mothers Day to all you Women who read our blog, you all have motherly qualities and with out many of them Gio and I would not be the great people we are!


Anonymous said...

Looks like it's on to Hollywood for you two!! Sounds like tons of fun! You both look great....
Love, Papa Gregorio

GoddessNMommy said...

You look so much like your mom in that picture...very beautiful. When are you coming to meet your new niece and nephew?