Tuesday, May 20, 2008

just another day

It has been more then a week since the last post. I guess that is because nothing has really happened. Unfortunatly when nothing exciting goes on in our everyday life it seems unnessasary to report to those who check out our blog.... but in thinking a little bit more about "nothing happening" it is important to just check in!
Yesterday I spent the whole day cleaning the house and ironing. I usually keep up with these things easily on a daily basis and our little apartment never really gets too dirty... but the last week I have really been lazy and let things go. Needless to say a day of cleaning was well needed! I know Giovanni is also grateful that he came home to a clean house and a closet full of ironed and ready to wear shirts.
Last night we had our Family time and talked about how important it is to set goals. Both of us lately has felt a little unsure of where we are going and what we are doing. This time together really helped us to clear the air and to look forward to more from ourselves and from life!
I don't expect anything extraordinary to happen this week. Gio is going to Rome tomorrow for a meeting and today I started reading Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.
Other then this the only other thing to report is that I will be in Utah from June 7th til July 15th. Giovanni will be joining me the first part of July! In August we will head to Sicily to see Gio's family (including a new neice that will arrive June 20th)!

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Anthony & Christel said...

It will be fun to see you guys again! Anthony will be home at the end of June, so we will definitely have to do another pizza night! Lets plan something. Travel safe!