Wednesday, June 11, 2008

an ocean away

Another space of time has gone by with nothing from us on the blog! Right now I type this from Utah while Giovanni is still in Milan working hard! He should be joining me for the first two weeks in July! It has been great to see the 2 new additions to the Royce family! Little babies are just wonderful! I need to put some new batteries in my camera and take some pictures! I have enjoyed watching them with their families, what a blessing they are!


Holly said...

How fun that you're in Utah! Wish the weather was a little better for you! Have a fun time:)
(Richelle's sister-in-law)

Joe & Richelle said...

Ciao! I am back in Utah!!! I think it's so funny that we crossed paths in the sky as well. We'll have to get together soon and get all caught up on everything :-)Call me!