Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hey guys! (this is my first post, I am not sure what to say here in the beginning)
First of all I got a new job offer. You know that we won the EXPO, right?!? well, the mayor of Milan offered me to work for the International Relations Department of the new organizing committee for EXPO (this is still in VERY early stages of development). This means basically I do the same thing I did for the City of Milan but now I will be doing it specifically for EXPO. We are happy for a little change and will understand in the next few months just what this exactly means... in the meantime we are not closing doors to any other possibilities that may come our way. We are so thankful for so many of your comments and words of support and love!
Second of all we are headed to Rome this weekend for a wedding as well as for some work meetings for me early in the week!
I promise to try and be more present on the BLOG! Ciao belli!


Love Birds said...

Oh Congratulations Gio!! That is wonderful! Curt and I are so excited for you guys and this sounds like another wonderful opportunity. That is also wonderful news about the world EXPO Rock on!

Anthony & Christel said...

Giovanni! So good to hear from you. I keep telling Anthony that he needs to post sometimes on our blog, but he still hasn't. Maybe he will seeing that you did. Congrats on your success with work, good luck with everything. Have fun in Rome!!!