Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Giovanni and I are back in Milan and trying desperatly to figure out what direction our life should take us now! Living in Europe from the outside can seem like a dream or something out of a film... and to tell you the truth there are times that it really is like that, but not everyday. We still have the same struggles as the rest of you and often I find small things take so long (post office, drycleaning, dinner.... we are talking 3 or so hours!) but it is better to embrace the differences instead of making them more of a problem.
This post is mostly me just blowing some steam and also to help you all know that our life is not PERFECT (its good, fun, but not perfect)!
I am not really sure what else to say! We are healthy and well, just not sure what to do next. Gio is going to send out his resume to see what other opportunities are out there! We could stay here with him working at the City of Milan till 2011, but we both feel change is in the air, just not sure where it is blowing us yet! If any of you know of any job openings in International PR have any ideas let us know! Half of our block is knowing exactly where to look for oportunities!
In the meantime we are just getting back to normal life here!

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Anonymous said...

We are very happy that Milan won! I hope you can find a wonderful opportunity....a job that does not require 80 hours a week! Your photos are wonderful..thanks so much for your blog. We think of you often and pray for your success! Love, Greg