Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Random PAris

Here are a few pictures from the past week or so. Quick pix recap: Napolean's tomb (he really is in there along with 5 other layers or so, why would one need so many caskets?), Gio and I in front of Invalides (the church where N. is at rest),A cook taking a quick break, jars full of sweet yummy toppings for crepes! Amalia with us- it was so great to have her here! Mulin Rouge, Another windmill (this area of Paris use to be full of them), Amalia eating a butter crossiant (the straight ones are made with butter, cresent ones with margarine- same amount of fat), our good friends Richard and Elaine Shurtleff, Creme Brulee, french fire hydrant, Me with some friends (Clarissa, Jonathan and little Julis Alva) at Fountin Blue hunting lodge, La Dèfence (Grande Arche), Silver pieces and buttons at flee market, shoes at flee market.

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Anthony & Christel said...

So exciting! That is pretty neat to see Napolean's tomb! I saw the real Dracula's tomb when I was in Germany.