Tuesday, April 22, 2008


As you know we headed to Rome this weekend. It was a fast trip that we were hoping to make a little longer then the weekend since Gio had to be in Rome today (Tuesday). We left Milan Saturday morning and arrived in Rome about an hour before the wedding that we went to attend. All was great! The ceremony and reception were nice!The reception was held near Villa Borgese for those of you who know Rome.. and for those of you who don't it was on a hill overlooking Rome! Beautiful View! We made new friends and ate well! After the reception Massimo (Gio's brother) picked us up and took us to his house where we spent the night and went to church with them Sunday. Sunday evening we were to take the train... but we were visiting with some friends and Massimo fam. To make a long story short we could not get on the last train heading to Milan it was booked, I did not want to pay Extra for a flight... so our only other option was taking a night train back to Milan. We really did not sleep much and Poor Giovanni had to go to work Monday when we got back. We could not stay in Rome Monday because he needed to move offices (see last post). Here we are Tuesday and Gio is once again in Rome. It is another "quick" trip he will be back tomorrow and go straight to the office! We are however looking forward to this weekend. April 25th and May 1st are holidays here... Gio has 10days off and we are trying to figure out what to do! I would really love to go see the tulips in bloom up in Holland, but we also have invites to head south with some family friends to Capri or Sicily to see Gio's fam! I am not sure yet what we will do! (I do have pictures, but Gio has the camera.. pictures to come)!
P.S. My sister tagged me for my 100... I am still thinking also this to come!


Ada Bowler said...

Oh, I love Rome! Sounds like a great time. And Congrats on the EXPO! Love and miss you guys!

Anthony & Christel said...

I loved when I was in Rome! Oh ya, I have never been there! :) I wish! It sounds like you both are keeping busy. I hope you are doing good..any plans to come home after your new nephews are born?