Tuesday, November 11, 2008

sweet smells!

Today I have cleaned the house, thrown in some laundry and ironed. Giovanni comes home tonight instead of tomorrow!!! YEA!!!! He left last Thursday for NYC and yesterday had a short layover (3 hours) here in Milan before leaving for London, I went to the airport to see him and take the luggage that he no longer needed.
While he has been gone for me this past week has been really LONG and BORING with out him. However, being alone has given me time to think about all the things that will change in the next few months, the responsibility that will be mine (and of course Gio's), the happiness that we will feel as well as the anxiety of trying to protect a little child from the evils of the outside world! What is it really like to become a parent?
While I write this I am waiting for my pumpkin brownies to come out of the oven, oh what a sweet smell!!! If they are any good I will post the recipe!

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Amy said...

Rachael, last night I was remembering you as a little girl--all petite and delicate (I was always afraid you'd break when we played) with a big huge smile. I was thinking what your baby will look like...I'm excited to see her and see what features she gets from you and from Giovanni. You will be GREAT parents...you have good examples to follow.