Thursday, November 27, 2008

what's another year?

Sunday (Nov. 23rd) was my 28th Birthday!!! yup I am one year older! It was a pretty normal Sunday: church in the morning and a little hanging out in the afternoon with some phone calls. Giovanni was acting a little weird, but I did not think much of it. He wanted pizza for dinner so I started the dough and thought it a little unfair that I was cooking what HE wanted to eat, I did not want to put in the time to bake a cake so I was trying out a microwave chocolate thingy and placing candles on when he hurried out of the house just before 6pm to take a rented movie back. In the mean time I took to sitting on the couch lounging and web surfing. A few minutes later he came back in saying that he had left something... then in walked about 15 people!!! I was really shocked- needless to say he really did pull of the surprise! I just wish I was not sitting in little stretch pants and a t shirt when everyone walked in!
There was all sorts of yummy things to eat and fun people to talk to! Thanks Giovanni for pulling it all together! I love you!

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