Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving dinners

Ciao Everybody! It is long time I don't blog so I thought Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to be back!
On Thanksgiving day with some dear friend we had dinner at "Fiori Oscuri" restaurant in Brera area, in the center of Milan and we had so much fun! Food was really great and the company too! Rachael and myself spent a fantastic evening with our new friends from Madrid, Spain, Mike and Maria Plonsky (Mike is my best friend David's brother that lives in New York), Emma (she looks likes my best friend Sienna Miller!), Aaron and Amie, and some other great people I sincerely do not remember the names.. you know how terrible I am sometimes in remembering names!
Yesterday, we had the second celebration for Thanksgiving at our great and very very dear friends Amanda and Zeno Tutino's and we had the best tacchino (turkey) ever! That was so yummy! There were nice friends and we really enjoyed it! I decided to start a diet tomorrow because I really need it after all this fantastic food! Anyway, tomorrow is tomorrow, and today is still today, so I say HI to all of you and I run to slice some pumpkin pie and buttermilk pie leftover Rachael made that is so good! Ciao belli e brutti!


Teresa said...

2 Thanksgivings! How much fun! Its better then cooking 2 turkeys in one day and eating it for left overs the next 2. What a great group of "best friends" you have! And your tummys are both so cute! Love you all!

Jr said...

1 month away lil' Charlotte! Gio, you will soon find yourself surrounded by situations as lil' Emerson and I have (well, he tends to get in these situations, not so much me.) Oh, how much fun a lil' one brings to your home!

Ben said...

awesome pics! im glad u guys have some thanksgiving food in italy! i only got it one year... =( i miss u guys so much!!