Wednesday, October 1, 2008

last weeks travels

As I told you last week I went to Verona while Giovanni went to NYC. My trip was much less eventful then his was and I sincerely hope he has time to write on here about all the things he did and people he met! We have a few pictures that I will post in a few days to complete his NYC tales!
Before Gio left he was dealing with a cold, I was lucky to be feeling fine, but of course the morning he left I woke up with a sore throat. I went to Verona anyway and there I ended up dealing with the "COLD" full force. I stayed in the house two days (I stayed with my adopted Italian family, Edda and Remo). Some of you may have heard about this great couple, or have meet them before. While I was there they had some health issues of their own. Edda had twisted her ankle so bad she thought it was broken and had X-rays done to be sure, then one of her front teeth feel out and she had to go to the dentist. Some of you may know about Remo's eye sight, well, it has been getting worse and worse over the past few years to the point where he could pretty much only see shadows. When I arrived Tuesday it had been 10 days that he had lost his vision totally. It was hard to see him bumping into doors and little things at home, but he seemed very calm about it; almost as if he had been waiting for this to happen and now that it had he just accepted it. The following day he had a 3 or 6 month check up with the eye DR as well as a ultrasound. Edda ended up coming home hours later in a hurry to pack some things up and was pretty worried! She told me that Remo had been admitted to the hospital, currently they were running some tests and he would need emergency surgery on his eye. Apparently the retina on his right eye had become unattached thus causing the blindness! He also has heart problems and they were unsure how to proceed with the anesthesia (he has had 3 previous heart attacks)! Needless to say it was a pretty crazy and stressful week for them! The surgery went fine and they kept him in the cardo ward to watch his heart, Monday he was released and I will hear more this weekend about how he is. I am grateful for Edda and Remo who have become a true part of my family and I in theirs (I am sure if I had not met Gio they would have tried to hook me up with Edda's son or one of his friends)! I love them and pray for the health of them both!
As I mentioned, Giovanni has many adventures from NYC to share and maybe in the next few days he can write it and we can get some pictures posted!

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Villarreal's said...

How sad, that cute little family is falling apart. Wow, you did arrive at a crazy time with everything happening. Well, if you get a chance to see them before I talk to them give them a big hug and tell them I love them!