Thursday, October 16, 2008


Last week when I came home from my friend Natalies house I parked the car a street away from the apartment in a zone it could stay on while we were gone last weekend (the city cleans the streets and we have to pay attention where we leave the car). Last night Gio went to go get a few cases of water from the car, he called me to make sure he understood where it was, but to our horror and dissapointment it was gone!!! After calling 3 numbers and being on hold a LONG time we found out the car had been towed! Apparently a few days ago a sign had been put up that some work was going to be done on the street and the car was towed just the day before!!!! We had a good laugh! Now we need to go pick up our car!


Mommy Madness said...

At least it wasn't stolen. (I thought that's what you were going to say.) That's a bummer that it was towed, but I'm glad you located it.

Natalie said...

Oh, I feel so bad! What the heck? Anyway, how was your weekend away? I'll be calling soon.
Ciao Bella