Monday, September 22, 2008

a new dress

I am sure many of you are wondering what part of the world I am in, well I am still in Italy. I sent my hubby off this morning for NYC. He has a busy week ahead of him working at the UN (for the general assembly) as well as some side events that he has planned for EXPO- this is exciting! Pres. Bush will give his last speech and possibly attend the event Gio organized, along with the Pres. of Italy and many other heads of state and government! If any of you want to get in touch with him while he is in the states you can try his Utah cell #.
I will be traveling to Verona Tuesday and will most likely stay until Sunday (when Gio gets back). Today I made this little dress for my friend Esther's 2 yr old, sorry you can't see it so well my camera is still in the shop, so my cell phone camera will have to do for now. I am Very happy with how it turned out! I found the pattern online and plan on making all different sizes! I just wish there was more fabric selction here, this is from IKEA.
I don't know if you will get another update this week, I dont think I will really have access to the internet.


Anthony and Christel said...

What a cute dress!!

Emily said...

I love your playlist. Who knew that we would totally have the same taste in music? Guess we didn't have much opportunity to find out!

GoddessNMommy said...

I love the dress. Aren't you excited to have your own little girl to sew for? How much fabric does it take to make this dress?

I also love the pregnant belly you are sporting, you are one beautiful pregnant woman.

The Royce Family!! said...

Ciao Rach!
You look absolutely beautiful! We miss you terribly, tell Gio hi and give him kisses and tell that little bambina she has 3 crazy little monsters waiting for her to join there little crazy posse!

The Royce Family!! said...

I forgot to tell you I need that dress in a size 6-9 mos. and a 3T. Very cute! You need to talk Rory into coming to Milan with me!