Friday, September 12, 2008

23rd week! 6 months!

Yesterday marked the beginning of the the 6th month! It is really hard to believe we are on the downward slide of becoming parents! Saturday we had an ultrasound to check out all the body parts and make sure all is growing properly... She looked great. The tech was nice enough, but the experience was not very personal and left me feeling a little detatched, oh the emotions of a pregnant woman! Yesterday we had an appointment with the midwife I am seeing here and all looked good, she measured the growth and we heard the heart beat... I love that sweet little heart beat! Next on the agenda is to get some blood work done next week and tour some of the hosptials! I nearly forgot!!!! Last week (I think it was the same day of the last post) I started to feel her moving inside! It was crazy! Once I realized it was her I think I have been feeling her for a while now. It is fun to watch Giovanni feel her or listen with his ear. I like it when he talks to her and sometimes when I am alone I share my IPOD with her so she can hear the music! Funny what you do while preggy!
In the last post I mentioned Gio's work contract. Well, we are STILL waiting! Yup, there have been articles written in the papers and news stories talking about when all will be resloved with the government! Basicially as I understand it Mayor Moratti (Milan Mayor and Pres. of EXPO) named Paulo G. as the CEO of EXPO, but this does not sit well with Pres. Berlusconi. He thinks P G is from the left side and does not want to give him the power due to that fact, but M. Moratti believes that he is the best one for the job. I don't know if PG is from left or right... He is a really nice guy (I have meet him many times) but I don't understand why can't we all just get along??? In the meantime if it is not all worked out by the 15th (Monday) I think the EXPO offices close, as they have used all the alloted time to figure it out (5 months)! Gio still has his current contract with the Mayors Office... but we are still waiting for something more!
Speaking of Giovanni's work: he made it offical in the office! Yesterday he finally told those he works with including PG that he will become a Daddy in January! They were all so excited! Some even started crying!!!! PG said it is the first EXPO baby! Funny how they all feel apart of it!
I am still waiting on my camera. I took it in last week and am waiting to hear back about the cost on fixing it, sorry no pictures yet! I think I might just have to test out our web cam, even if the quality is not the best!
Today I am going to be really domestic and do some canning! Yea! Fresh tomato salsa and sauce for the next little while!
I hope this post was not too boring, but I had to get it updated this week!
Love to all!
AMY: I remembered it was Friday and you needed something to read! BTW I gave myself a home pedicure and thought and missed you too! It is just not the same when you do it yourself! I am really glad you went camping even if you were just 2!
These pictures were taken last Thursday and Sunday, so you can see my growing belly!


Anthony and Christel said...

That is so exciting that you have started feeling her move! Isn't that the coolest feeling? Wait until she is really big in there, and just shifts your whole is awesome!

Amy said...

Hooray! Thanks for the Friday post and for thinking about me. I got your thank you note in the mail this week and was excited to read you got the stroller safely to Italy. So, how active is your little Siciliana-now that you can feel her move?

Joe and Richelle said...

What a cute growing belly!! Thanks for the update :-)

E-ca said...

You look so adorable! And I love the pic of you and Gio!!!! I'm so happy for you guys. That is so exciting you can feel her moving around and that everything is going so well!

Andrea Cotell said...

Rachel, you are a really cute with that pregnant belly of yours! That's exciting that you are feeling your baby move! That's when it became real for me in each of my pregnancies, when the baby moves.
I'm excited for you and your husband on your pregnancy! She will be born before you know it!
Have a great day you both!
Love Andrea

Thekrogwoman said...

Yay, congrats!! So I know I'm a little late with the congrats, but I'm behind on my blogger updates. Anyway, I'm way excited for you and your going to not even believe how great being a mother is. HARD, but so GREAT...and worth it too.