Tuesday, September 2, 2008

checking in

Being back in Milan is nice in many ways and difficult in others, but all in all this is where we call home and getting settled back in after being away for such a long time is good.
Last weekend Giovanni went sailing on a Yacht with his boss (the current Italian Ambassador to Monaco) along with some of his colleges. It think it was to build unity and a sense of connection between them all before getting back in to WORK! As many of you know we have been waiting for his new contract with EXPO 2015. He currently is still working under his contract for the City of Milan and the new contract has been VERY anticipated by us! We really hope to have it this week as the government has to pass the appropriate laws to create the organizing committee (something like a company, I dont really understand all of Italian politics... who does?) hopefully not much more waiting to do!
Giovanni's Aunt Maria is here staying with us for a few days while her husband Nicola is having some medical tests done. Yesterday we also got together with a friend traveling through from New York, Milana! It was great to see her again!
As for me and the baby we are great! Still not any definte kicks, but today I have felt some new sensations... dont really know what that means yet! Saturday we will go to have an ultrasound done! I am looking forward to seeing her again! I hope they have 3D... I think the babies look so cool like that, I know it freaks some of you out!
My tummy is growing and our camera is not working! Maybe this week I can get it fixed so you can all see just how big I am getting!
Random add on: Last night Giovanni was on the computer and called me in to see a "little butt" (I thought that is what he said) when I entered the room there was a little BAT flying around like crazy! Gio continued to explain that they have radar so it would never run into me, true or not it still freaked me out! However I realize that JR (my bro) could have used one of his only Italian vocab words for this moment! Pipistrello (Bat).


Joe and Richelle said...

You have had quite an eventful summer! Glad you are home and settled again...keep us posted on the job situation! AND- hurry up and get your camera fixed :-)

Amy said...

Rach, thanks for the update. I miss you! I went last week to have a pedicure and the shop was closed. Hopefully, it's not a permanent thing...I really need a pedicure! I went to AV for Labor Day--I was the only one to uphold the family tradition. Jennifer went with me and was a good sport for camping in the rain on Sunday. The temp droped 30+ degrees in 12 hours and it end up being cold and wet, with snow on Baldy Monday morning. Brrrr!!!