Monday, August 25, 2008

ci vediamo Sicilia!

We are at the end of our summer holiday in Sicily. This afternoon Gio and I will head to Catania do some sight seeing and head EARLY in the morning to the airport (our flight is at 7am). It has been nice to relax by the sea side and see how the Italians all leave their cities as ghost towns and flock to the sea side to bask in the sun light as well as eat fresh fish and gelato to their hearts content! Yesterday we spent the evening at the farm house (an old villa where Gio's dad was born) celebrating Nonna Lina (Gio's paternal grandma) 93rd birthday. Really her birthday was in July, but Gio and his siblings were not around to celebrate. We hid a video camera and got her on tape talking about different memories she has from her life.... priceless! Of course no party would be complete with out gifts and a cake.... we had ordered a special "sicilian cheesecake" YUMMY! Nonna Lina was very surpsized! It was great!
As for an update on me: my belly is a growing! I dont think I have felt our little one move yet and I am really looking forward to it! It seems like last week there was not much there and now she is really starting to grow! I know you all want to see a picture, hopefully soon I can get one posted (camera issues). I feel fine, HOT and really tired at night, but other then that I am good! We hope you all are too!


Anthony & Christel said...

I bet that your little belly is SO CUTE!! I'm so excited for both of you!!

The Cotell Family said...

Hi rachel and giovanni, I'm really excited for you that you're having your first baby!!! It's great!
I hope you're feelin' ok.
Love you! Andrea