Saturday, August 16, 2008

still on the road (or in the air)

The space between posts seem to be getting longer... maybe once we get back to Milan I can play a little catch up and get more posted about all the things that we have done this summer! With that said let's move on to where we are now... Sicily! Giovanni and I left on separate flights last weekend from Utah (that was due to avaliablity not our choice) and returned to Italy. It was pretty bitter sweet for me! Not only is it hard for me to leave home but knowing that next time I will be back our lives will be so very different and it will be the first time I do the long haul flight with a little one in tow (that will be an experience I am sure!).

Once in Milan we did not stay long, just enough to unpack, repack and squeeze in a visit to Natalie and baby Giada (see her blog Nat and Joe) for pictures, to head south where the beaches are crowded and speedos are a PLENTY! Sicily has been really hot and from what I hear unusally humid for this time of year! I am just grateful not to be too preggy during all the sticky heat!

Gio and I headed down to the beach house to hang out with his siblings and experience some of the life by the sea side. The night of August 14th it is tradition for lots of peps to camp out on the beach... they say that the 15th is the last day of summer so in a way it is the "last celebration" before heading into a new school/ work year. Giovanni, Massimo, Amalia and I headed down to the beach to check it out and try a gelato (which I tried in a new way... instead of a cone I got my gelato inside a sweet bun, it was pretty tasty!). There is a little video I hope will post of the craziness on the beach at 11:30pm!

On the 15th there was a procession of Maria. I have spent much time in Italy and have never seen a Catholic procession... Maria is the Saint of Marina di Ragusa so what they do is take her statue and parade it around the town down to the dock where it is loaded up in a crane and put on a boat. Paraded around again by boat to another dock where they unload her with a crane and parade her through the town to the church where they might do some ceramony. We got there in time to watch them unload from the boat and parade back through the town. Hopefully you Can see it in the video, if not checkout the pix, if you notice Mary is holding an ancor that is pulling some salior out of the water. Lots of culture here!

The other pix are from a family dinner we had for Laura's birthday last night. There will be more adventures so stay tuned....

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JR and Kristi Royce said...

Finally an update with pictures! We found a great new gelato place in Park City last weekend. Apparently it is the only "completely authentic" gelato shop in Utah. It was great and brought back a lot of memories of last summer with you two. Post more pics!