Thursday, September 18, 2008

Attempt at being Domestic

After my post last week I bet you all thought that I really was going to do some serious canning! Well, did I have most of you fooled! I did not realize that in the past when I have done canning all the needed "tools" if you will were at moms house or at grandmas. It took me a few days to get everything together and figure out the recipes! I am proud to report that now I have some canned tomato sauce and salsa for those mexican food cravings as well as some homeade pesto!! (I have added the links for the latter 2 mentioned) Now that some of my food storage is done I can move on to other things... like trying to figure out where to go next week! Giovanni has to go to NYC for work and I have been debating all week if I should buy a ticket or not. If I stay in Italy I will go spend the week in Verona! Both great options I just dont know what to do.
On another note, Yesterday I was going through some unread emails from the past few weeks, I am signed up to recieve Paul Cardall's newsletter. Some of you may have heard of him. He is a local (from Utah) pianist and very talented! I first met him when I was a teenager. I was with mom and maybe Bex at some media store buying Richard Paul Evans (another local guy, writer) The Christmas Box. The two had teamed up and Paul was playing and selling his cds while Richard P.E. was signing and selling his books. We bought Paul's cd and loved it instantly. About a year later while attending EFY at BYU (a youth camp held at a local University) I met him again, this time he was a counsler and I felt so honored to see him (in my mind he was famous) and we took a picture together. Through the years my family has supported him by buying most of his cds and I see him perform when possible. As I mentioned yetsterday I was reading one of his newsletters which led me to his website and blog. As I read about his medical condition (he has a heart condition) and his faith holding strong while he waits for a new heart I was very touched. In order for him to receive a new heart to live a healthy life someone else must exit this life. I admire his courage and faith in continuing the fight he must try to win. If you have a minute link to his website and go to his blog!
I am very greateful for the blessings that are mine to enjoy! i am thankful that I have a sweet husband who loves me and that we together are preparing to welcome a little spirit into our family. Although there is much ahead that I cannot know about from where we are now I know that we have a loving Father in Heaven that does know. He loves us and wants for us to be happy! I am blessed with great friends and family! Thank you all that support us from close by and abroad! We love you!

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Anthony and Christel said...

Hey, I saw Brian at Melon Days and said hi for you. He said he wanted to get in contact with you again. I got his email address to give you but somehow misplaced it...sorry!!! :( Maybe you could contact him somehow, maybe you have his info. He said it would be fun to come visit you guys. Anyway, sorry again and hopefully you can find him.