Thursday, March 13, 2008

a Taste of the Louvre

Thanks to Ada I now know how to put a slide show and post all in one!
No we are not in London. Gio called me Tuesday night about 9pm and told me he was not going. Kind of a relief for him, he is swamped with work here! Good thing I had not bought my ticket yet! I was however looking forward to play catch up with our friends Gaia and Oscar that live there, it will have to be for another time.
Still, there are many things to do here in Paris, it really is never boring! I meet up with Elaine (who I will have to take a picture of) and Hailey, a girl from Utah who is traveling around Europe, we had lunch together and then Elaine and I started touring the Louvre. Elaine lives here and has a season pass, so she comes for a few hours once a week and focuses on a small part of the museum at a time! She left around 7ish and Giovanni showed up shortly after that. (On wed and frid they are open till 10pm)!!!! We went to see Mona and some of the Italian art together, but when 9pm hit we were both really hungry and tired! On our way home (we live about a 5 min walk to the Louvre) we stopped for chinese food then downloaded a episode of Chuck! What a night!
Tomorrow is Gio's 34th Birthday, I am going to Elaines to make him a cake.... we don't have an oven... and if he does not get off work too late maybe we will get to party a little too! The mayor is in town and everyone is really stressed out with the Vote happening on the 31st! More to come!

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