Saturday, March 22, 2008

One week

I really did not mean for a whole week to go by with out updating our blog, but I have not had access to a computer for a while, so here goes, I will try to update you on the week without loosing my head along the way! I think maybe due to the hour here in Paris (1:40am) I will start with just a few pictures and explinations! The rest to come!
Friday for Giovanni's birthday I made a cake at Elaine's house (yes I now have a picture) and when her husband Richard and Giovanni got off work we all went out for a French Cusine! Back to their house for icecream cake and opening of presents! Giovanni loved all that I had for him as well as the package sent from R &T Royce (thanks guys) and Elaine and Richard were so sweet to get him some "power ties" (they will come in handy in the next few months.... we are hoping for some job interviews)!
Saturday Gio and I went on a few tours with a company called meeting the french (see link to posting). The first one was in Paris' oldest bakery! We learned from the owner, who is not too old (and not the original) how to make a baguette and croissant. Later in the afternoon we headed to a tour about Perfum here in Paris, most of it was in French and I really got to practice my listening and understanding skills! We enjoyed the sweet smells and samples from the second tour!
The hour is getting really late, or maybe its really early... anyway Gio's sister Amalia arrived on Tuesday and we have been doing almost as much as possible as far as sight seeing goes, with allowing oursleves to enjoy Paris too! I have so much more to post, but I am SO Tired! Here are a few pictures to enjoy!


Jonathan and Kristi Royce said...

Your slide show is so fun. I am so jealous!!! Tell Giovanni we have a little something for his birthday when you guys come out in a couple of months. Love you!

Hillybug said...

Rachel, Hey lady! I saw your blog a few days ago and was going to come back and comment about your amazing travels. You look so great and I am so jealous of all the places you have lived/seen/and visited. I am so happy you have a blog and excited to check in on the criscione family adventures. As far as my brother goes, I still think he should have snatched you up while he had the chance! By doesn't life work out like it is supposed to? You and Giovanni look so happy and perfect together!