Sunday, March 23, 2008

A "real" update

I am adding a bunch of pictures from a few other stops that I made with Amaila this week. We bought a museum pass... if any of you come to Paris this is a very good investment! They are avaliable 2,4 or 6 consecutive days. Basically allows you into TONS of museums here unlimited time (except your day limit). The price is very reasonable too! Amalia and I bought the 4 day pass, so pretty much crammed a bunch of visits into each day, by the end our legs were exhausted, and I have a little cold.... the windy, ice-cold, wacky weather here does not help, but this is a whole another story! So the slide has pictures from Rodin Museum, and a return to Orsay. On the way to Orsay we stopped in a pastry shop and I bought a mint-chocolate Elaire, thinking I needed to try at least one while I was here, well After two bites I chucked it! I am pretty postive that the mint was flavored by using Mint liquor, YUCK! Even drinking water to wash it down burnt!
A crepe stop, Picasso Museum, and Pompidou Center. We had fun and saw a VARIETY of things too!
As our time has gone by here in Paris I find myself understanding more and more of the language, and I now kick myself for not paying attention more in Mrs. Harts french class in 7th and 8th grade! I remember looking at those text books and thinking that people don't really live around things like Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower, they don't really hang out at Cafe's and museums for fun.... but every time I have the opportuinity to experience a new city in the USA or abroad I love that I can learn from the locals and see what they see! Due to this I have many treasures from each place!
This is our last week here in Paris for now and Giovanni will be VERY busy with preparing for March 31st when the "vote" happens and Milan will know if they won EXPO 2015 or not. I feel a change blowing... not sure what that interprets for us yet... but we are open to where ever it will take us!
Maybe in the end this is less of a "real" update and more of my random thoughts... but here is an entry none the less!

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Jonathan and Kristi Royce said...

I love Rodin's work, that is so cool you experienced it. Thanks for bringing a little Paris to us!