Friday, March 14, 2008


To my caro Giovanni on his 34th birthday:
34 Reasons I love you!
1. You are always excited about little things.
2. You work very hard.
3. You are so good about telling me you love me.
4. You are funny, in Italian and English.
5. You would rather hang out with me than anyone else.
6. You are so excited to be a Dad someday.
7. You share your love of classical music and art work with me (and are patient when I just need some words to sing along to).
8. You love sharing the gospel and are not afraid to tell anyone what you believe.
9. You love a good adventure.
10. You get along with everyone (always diplomat).
11. You usually take out the trash.
12. You call me from work just to say hi and you love me (or you send a message).
13. You help me cook and clean (Yes he is GREAT)!
14. You become "best friends" with anyone very quickly (so outgoing)!
15. You are always willing to help anyone with a problem, or you slove it if you can.
16. You are quick to say sorry, even if you are the one who deserves an apology.
17. You love to try new food (resturants or home see below).
18. You are always willing to try my "experiments" in the kitchen.
19. You listen to me blab, read or sing even if you would like not too.
20. You are always concerned about others.
21. You call me “amore” and other cute italian names.
22. You always pray and kiss me before leaving in the morning and you always kiss me when you come home from work!
23. You have style and you love to find a good sale! (It's almost free!)
24. You are very Kind.
25.You love to know about your ancestory.
26. You love the Lord and honor the preistood.
27. You are VERY determined.
28. You have a gentle heart.
29. You have a GREAT smile!
30. You are supportive of me and my BIG dreams or even my stupid mistakes (loosing the camera and buying a new one).
31.You look great in a suit, professional and never seem out of place.
32.You help anyone feel at ease in any situation (this often is me)!
33.You go more then the extra mile at work and everyone there knows it!
34. You can't wait for all of our tomorrows!
There are so many, many more. I love you.xoxo, rach


Teresa said...

What a beautiful birthday tribute! Happy birthday Gio!!!

Anthony & Christel said...

Happy Birthday Giovanni!!!!

Thekrogwoman said...

Hey Rach,
It's fun to see your blog and get in touch again!! Hope all is well and Happy Birthday to Giovanni!!