Wednesday, March 5, 2008

a little down

I should start by telling you all that Giovanni did not go to the Bahamas. There are a few reasons, but we honestly have not figured out if it was due to political things there (Turkey was pushing hard to share thier proposal too, so they may not have let Milan in) or because Gio is supposed to be a part of a task force here in Paris and travel only if really needed. Today instead he is with parts of the task force in Brussels.
The title of the entry is due to a crappy thing that happened to me the other day that I am still not over, some of you who know my bad track record with camera will probably just laugh and then think twice about ever letting me touch yours! It all happened like this:
Monday I was on my way to meet Gio for lunch. I was waiting for the metro and formating my camera since I had downloaded all the images. As the train approched I stepped at the same time I was sliding my camera into my purse.... all of the sudden I heard a kur- plunk noise and knew my camera had fallen!!! Crap! With one foot in the train and one out I quickly glanced on the floor of the train, but did not see anything! Then I feared that it had fallen on the tracks right through the "gap" between the platform and the train! I stepped back off the train and it left. I was feeling really down, I tried to get Gio on the phone twice, then sent a message. He called back worried and I explained what happened. To make a long story short he came and we talked to the guy selling tickets and showed him where the camera would have fallen. 2 days have passed and the Metro workers have been down on the tracks 2 times to check it out and have found nothing! I dont know where the camera went, maybe fell on the train and I just did not see it when I glanced around on the floor! I just feel so stupid that I was not more cautious with it! Today I will be pricing out a new camera! There is only one last possibility, on Thursday we can call Lost and Found to see if it turns up! This is my little saga for the week! I know its not too sigificant, but hey when you really love something (even a dumb camera) it can be frustrating to loose it in such a dumb way!


Anthony & Christel said...

You do have bad luck with camera's, I'm so sorry. Didn't a dog chew your camera up once? And, the whole thing other time with the cab? I can't remember. I hope that you get a really awesome new camera, and that you have better luck. :) By the way, I love what you titled your's very appropriate for you guys!

Jonathan and Kristi Royce said...

At least you got the pictures off before! I think those are sometimes worth more than the camera.

Love Birds said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe it! Rach I am so sorry, good luck on the hunt for a new camera.