Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Welcome sun, water & fun of SUMMER!

Today is Italy's National Independence Day! It is nice to have Gio home in the middle of the week! We slept in a little this morning (so nice) and had a lovely lunch with some church friends at kind of a park (it is really a "scout camp", but not really like usa scout camps). Then we took a dip in our friends pool! Charlotte LOVED it even if the water was a bit chilly! The 10 min or so we splashed she really enjoyed!
Oh, and we got a new fridge yesterday! Our old one (the smaller one in front) has been only a little cold for almost more then a week now! SO GLAD to have a new one and not throw the milk out every day!

P.S. We have a new nephew!! He was born Saturday in Utah! Looking forward to meeting him in person- such a cutie!


Teresa said...

What fun for little Lottie! The first day of summer swimming!! And what a nice fridge you have! Thats great!!

Kristi said...

Your new fridge makes your old one look like It belongs in lottie's play kitchen!