Thursday, May 27, 2010

back again

When I wrote about being BORING I was simply just bored. I have not been offended by any of the recent comments, or even the lack there of. Really, I know people look at my blog (even when there is nothing new) and like myself comment when they have something to say. Which does not always happen. No biggie!

At our house the month of May has been full of guests! Nearly non-stop! As I write I am waiting the arrival of some dear friends!! We really enjoy visitors, I just hope that they don't mind the cramped quarters! Lottie loves to come in right after waking up in the morning to try and play with who ever is staying on the pull out couch! She dumps out all of her toys and shows them one by one.

While Zia Maria was here for a few weeks we took her to Certosa di Pavia. A certosa is where those who wish to dedicate their life to God live in solitude. It was a gorgeous building and interesting to see how they lived. There are only 2 working certosa's in Italy today one Male and one female. We all commented how sad we thought it was that they think to dedicate one's life to God means solitude. Very different from our belief of living in family settings and working to serve others.

lottie finds some pebbles.

The next day we visited with Zia Lidia and her family.
Lottie's was able to see a Cat from up close which she calls "mew mew"
Little did the cat know what was coming!

I also have have been doing some patch work on a quilt for a dear friend "B" that will be leaving Milan soon. (pictures will come after I get it quilted) Her hubby works with the State Dept. and over the past few years has worked with Gio in his various positions. Amanda and I threw a TEA PARTY to honor our sweet "B" complete with little delicious things to eat and tea in every form! We played a few games: guess the herb, tea time line, and how much do you know about B. We had all in attendance secretly sign the back of the quilt which we presented to her at the end of giving the answers. It was a fun day!

Oh, and I could not leave this little video out!


The Ferreiras said...

I love bangs on you, you look great! Glad to see you're back.

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Kristi said...

I love Lottie's little Alice in Wonderland-looking dress with the cat! I also envy her gelato. That sounds soooo good right now!