Saturday, June 26, 2010

Got Milk?

How fresh is your milk?? Around the area of Milan there are this little MILK vending machines. You can buy a bottle (plastic .30 or glass 1.00euro) another option is bring one from home (I saw someone even use a coca -cola bottle)open the little door, drop in your euro and watch the bottle fill with milk!

When I first heard about this system I thought imagined in my head little tubes running from the machine to the cows teet(thanks for the correction :) being milked... all going right into my bottle! It is not quite that FRESH, but almost. It tastes yummy and has that cream that settles on the top!!!

These are just a few other pictures taken on Gio's phone recently.


Mommy Madness said...

We have water filling stands like that, but I've never heard of milk filling stands. I prefer 1% so I probably wouldn't like it that fresh. Interesting, though.

Teresa said...

the correct spelling is "Cow's Teet's". Thats how we would say it on the farm.

Teresa said...

Thank you. I think is cool that there are milk vending machines. Instead of big gulps of coke