Saturday, June 12, 2010


The weather lately is so HOT! it's not just hot, but muggy and every article of clothing sticks to my body, YUCK! We have not yet turned on our a/c, the unit is in our bedroom I am sure when I get that desperate I will be living in there 24/7!!!
Any one else getting uncomfortable??
Gives me thoughts of fresh squeezed lemonade, eating only salad and cherries.. they are in season here! YUM!
The Fifa world cup started a few days ago, although I have not caught much of the games yet I did attend a reception with Gio a about a month ago celebrating South Africa! Food was AMAZING and I felt so emotional watching the excitment they were trying to pass along that AFRICA was going to host the games! Many of you may have seen or heard the song and dance (i could not find a good video of them together) they put together for the games I just thought it was so clever! The dance is a combination of different moves you would do with a soccor ball very african style... so fun!

Another fun one to check out:


Teresa said...

Its so fun to share your experiences with the world! Sometimes we live in our little block and forget about everything else beyond our view. Even how different the music is.

Kristi said...

Hot? Not here. We've been wearing sweaters in the rain lately!

Mommy Madness said...

It's been in the 80's & 90's in Northern California... we have been using the A/C and are going swimming this week. I'm not a fan of HOT weather, so I have to stay out of it as much as possible to even be functional. I LOVE the videos you posted. We don't follow sports at all, but it was fun to feel their pride in the music.