Thursday, March 26, 2009

new things to share

So Sorry about the drought of news from us- I have just been learning to balance being a mommy with all the other things to do here around the house! All is going well here and we are not slowing down much- in fact next week we are headed state side!!! Charlotte's passport has arrived, she got her immunizations today and we are getting REALLY excited to show her off!!! April 2nd is the day for take off, we will be spending 5 days in NYC before heading to Utah, Gio will be with us a few days before heading back to Milan- while west side we will take advantage of Into the Woods (my dad and bro's business) to visit them in San Diego, CA and finally leave to come back home (Italy home) on April 28th.
Back to the days happenings: poor little Charlotte tensed up right before the needle went in and I am sure felt worse. I can see she does not feel well- who would after being injected with 2 needles full invisible pain!
It was sad to hold her pinned down with her teary eyes looking up at me- :(
On a happier note, Charlotte is growing and is a happy little girl. She LOVES her little kick gym (see the video in post below) and enjoys to smile and blow bubbles! She is progressing in holding her head up and we get many comments about how straight she holds herself! It is such a joy to watch her each day!
Here are a few pictures to share more of her with you, there are a few from Gio's 35th birthday a few weeks back and some of Charlotte meeting new friends!

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