Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cugini da Roma!!!

Sunday night our family from Rome, Massimo, Laura + girls (Gio's brother and wife)as well as Milena (Laura's mom) and Amalia, who lives in Turin, came to visit us!
It was the first time for Charlotte to meet her cousins Gaia (3yrs) and Lea (9months). We had a nice dinner together and stayed up to talk and play.
All the girls got along really well!
Our apartment is not very big- and we had people sleeping EVERYWHERE! Max, Laura + girls in front room- Milena in the hallway and Amalia on our bedroom floor- only the kitchen was missing a bed!
We are looking forward to more fun times together with you cugini da Roma!!!
Our State- side travels begin on Thursday! Looking forward to it!
All tuckered out!


Royce Reflections said...

Charlotte looks so sweet. Wish we lived closer to your stateside visit so we could see her and visit with you. Have a wonderful trip.

JR and Kristi Royce said...

Little Lottie looks different and bigger in every post! She looks so happy to be with her piccoli cugini!

Villarreal's said...

So cute to see ur little Italian family! :)