Monday, January 14, 2008

This past week has been full of excitment for me! I took Natalie and Kennedy shopping to the two closest outlets to Milan!!! It is January and this means SALE time! The first day(Tuesday) of shopping we did not find much but the second (Saturday) we had more success! Although I must say that it was tiring! Giovanni was gone this weekend to Paris for a meeting as well as to check out some apartments I had found listed online. He returned on Sunday evening tired and ready to leave again on Tuesday. Today I have spent the day packing and getting some things cleaned up here around the house. We will be back again in 3 weeks for a few days and then Gio has another trip to New York! Always on the go here!
Yesterday I was looking at my passport, I realized it is a few pages short of being full! It will expired in August and I hope that it is pretty much full by then! I really enjoy travelling,and experiencing the magic of a new city or language. I found a great quote! "Travelers never think they are foreingers". -Mason Cooley When I go somewhere new I usually try to blend in, I am sure like most! I am not sure how well I will fit in in Paris, but I will be posting my fun adventures on here!

It snowed here last week! Giovanni and I were very excited! We could not sleep thinking about moving to PAris, and we heard some one on the street saying that there was a lot of snow. We did not know it was even snowing! We opened the window and I took this picture... it was 3AM, that is why it is so dark! The next day it was black and yucky... I miss the winters inUtah with the beautiful snow!
Tomorrow we will be in France, I will update asap!

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Anonymous said...

We think of you often and pray for your safety and success! I hope you both love Paris. We are all fine. It's really cold here in Utah, but each day brings us closer to spring! Our love to you both....Greg and the gang!