Thursday, January 24, 2008

just another day in Paris....

Giovanni is in London today, he took the Chunnel (a super fast train that travels from Paris to London in 2.5 hours) the train goes under the English Channel through a tunnel, this part is only about 20 minutes.... but yesterday Giovaani was pretty impressed with the idea that he would be technically travelling "underwater". We still have not found a permenant place to stay while here and have jumped to yet another type of hotel. I hope to get this resolved pretty quick!
A VERY Serindipitous thing happened to Gio and I the other day! We had just jumped off the metro on our way to see an apartment, and not only that but at the last min we got off at a different stop then we had planned and about 2 min later we walked into Aaron Hendrickson!! He is one of our friends from Milan that we never have the chance to meet up with due to Gio as well as his crazy schedule (he is a makeup artist and travels the world)! He had just finished working the Chanel show and was just killing some time. He came with us and when Gio left to go back to work Aaron showed me around a little! We went to some of the Vintage shops and searched through what Paris used has to offer!!! It was a great afternoon!!!! I dont think we could have even planned it like that!
Yesterday I read a little about the Eiffel Tower! I really learned a lot! Here, I will share a little.
History: In 1889, the first visitor to Paris Universal Exposition walked benath te "arch" formed by the newly built Eiffel Tower and entered the fair grounds. The Worlds Fair celebrated both the centennial of the French Revolution and Frances position as a global superpower. Bridge- bulider Gustave Eiffel (1832-1923) won the contest to build the fairs centerpiece by beating out such rival proposals as a giant guillotine.
Gustave deserved to have the Tower named for him. He not only designed it, but he oversaw the entire work, personally financed it? and was legally responsible if the project floundered. His factory produced the iron beams, he designed the cranes and apparatus, his workers built it, and - working on a deadline for the Worlds Fair- he brought the project in on time and under budget!
The tower was nothing but a showpeice, with no functional purpose except to demonstrate to the world that France had the wealth, knowledge, and can do spirit to erect a struture far taller than anything the world had ever seen. The original plan was to dismantle the Tower as quickly as it was built after the celebration ended, but it was kept by popular demand.
To a generation hooked on technology, the Tower was the marvel of the age, a symbol of progress and human ingenuity. Not all were so impressed, however; many found it a monstrosity.
The tower was originally painted rusty red. (Since then it has been MANY colors inculding mustard yellow, the current brown- grey, it is repainted ever 7 years). The tower was built in 2years, 2 months and 5 days! Truely amazing!!!!

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