Wednesday, January 30, 2008

still here

here a a few pictures of us and our surroundings! The First one is us with Aaron (see the very serindipitous experience below). A lady drawing up the Arc de Triomphe, that place is crazy!!!! It actually has a method to the madness of a LARGE round about..... but kind of comical to watch, oh and a word of advise DONT CROSS THE ROAD, if you wish to go to the Arc there are passages that go under the street!
Next, in front of the Hotel de Ville there is an ice skating rink and this little sledding hill set up! The kids looked like they were having a blast! While we are here I want to take Gio ice skating, he has never been!
See the picture of the street, I should have taken it at night, what a riot this street is! Every building is a different resturant, Greek, French, Mexican, Italian, Chineese ALL sort of food here! In front of each resturant is someone trying to lure you in with a good deal or showing you a plate of the food you will get, and they speak all sorts of languages too! Its pretty entertaining! (this is in the Latin Quarter just across from Notre Dame).
Concorde is a metro station, I was changing lines and when I arrived to wait for my metro i noticed the whole station was titled with letters and numbers, a giant crossword puzzle! I see TROUBLE, what about you?
Updates on us, we are feeling better. Giovanni has been inBrussels the past 2 days and I hung out with a new friend yesterday!Elaine. It was fun went to lunch, while i put in a load of dirty laundry (she has a washer and a dryer!!!!) we watched the Man who knew to little and started Walk the Line. I had a good time hanging out with her! Elaine and Richard are from Little Rock, Ark. and have been here about a year. Richard works for Brinks security over all Europe, and other parts of the world. We meet them at church here, there are a lot of americans. They have been so kind to us since we arrived! It has been a blessing to meet great people like them!
The apartment.... well the one I was counting on fell through and now we are waiting for the contract on another apartment to be sent to us. It seems harder then it should be to get into a place! We are well and I guess that is what matters most!

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Anonymous said...

We are praying for you both and hope you can fine a place soon! It has to be frustrating looking and looking and not finding! We miss you tons! Love, Greg and the Gang!