Monday, January 21, 2008

Giovanni and I have been in Paris 5 days now, and so much and yet nothing has happened all at the same time! Getting here was kind of interesting! We left Milan Tuesday night, the flight is normally only about an hour long, but there was a lot of wind in Paris and the surrounding area and we were not allowed to land anywhere around! We were directed to Brussels where we landed a few hours later (it’s not very far) we had been circling Paris hoping for an okay to land. The airlines provided a bus going to Paris, but Tiziana (Gio’s co worker also moving to Paris), Giovanni and I decided to sleep in Brussels and take a fast train the next morning so they could be at the office. All in all we did not sleep much and it took us two days to get to Paris! When we entered the train station in Brussels I remembered it from nearly 10 years ago with the family! It was a crazy flash back! Although we did not eat any Belgium Waffles for breakfast I did take a picture of the choices offered in the hotel vending machine!

The first few nights here we have done very little site seeing (but have walked by most major sites) and have focused more on finding a permanent housing situation while here…. Not the easiest of tasks! We have a few appointments in the next few days hoping that one will be a good choice, its too hard to live in a hotel!

We have eating some yummy things while here! Crepes of course! Tonight a warm goat cheese salad and French onion soup among a few!


Christel said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of fun! I would love to live in your shoes for a few days!!

GoddessNMommy said...

What an adventure. Good luck finding an apartment, I am sure living in hotels is the pits. You must be itching to unpack all your belongings and settle in. You look beautiful, enjoy Paris!