Monday, November 5, 2007

Together Again

After spending 3 months this summer in Utah with my family it was time to get back to my life in Milan with my hubby, Giovanni. On my first weekend back I took him for a mini tour of the city, including a tour of the castle, the top of the duomo (the main cathedral) as well as some tasty treats... panzarotti and Gelato! Yummy!

Halloween is not really celebrated here, so we did our best to be festive by carving a pumpkin!

Nov. 1st All Saints Day we drove to the Swiss temple for a quick session, before driving home, all in all it was about 8 hours round trip! It was a beautiful drive with all the country side covered in brilliant colors as the trees change for the season! I love this time of the year!


Ada Bowler said...

I love you to the sky! Welcome to the blogging world!

Emily Anne said...

I miss you!!! You look great though. I have a blog as well:
It isn't updated much, but it's there. Love you.

Christel said...

Hey Rachael & Giovanni!!! I am so excited that you guys have a blog too. It is so fun to see what is going on with you guys. It was fun seeing you during your vacation. Hope you both are doing well!

Love you guys,

Anthony & Christel

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your blog with me and my family! We are so happy you are back together again. I was going to call, but thought that Gio was in London! Can't keep track of your busy lives! Love you tons! Greg

Micahleen said...

chao bella! maybe someday I'll create a blog too. (but i still haven't even made it to that FaceBook thing, so don't get too excited;) Just wanted to check in. You two look great. I'm happy for you to be back together, even if it meant leaving the rest of us Utahans back here. Te quiero mucho!