Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Birthday!!!

ITs my BIRTHDAY!!! Yea!!!! Today I decided I wanted a change of something, other then my age, so I took myself out for a haircut! I cut it shorter and went a little darker.
When Gio finally got off work I met him and we went to dinner. This was the creative dessert the resturant came up with in lue of a cake: Strudel a wad of foil and fruit, i even had a candle to blow out. YUM!

I teach instutite in my ward for the young single adults and they surprised me at the of the lesson with a cake and candle! It was great, since I did not even tell them about my birthday L toR Tanzilya, Cristobal, me and Monica! (none of us are Italian). It has been a good day, and tomorrow i will be with Gio!

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Ada Bowler said...

Happy Birthday Rachael! I have been thinking of you all weekend knowing it was your birthday and Thanksgiving. We were out of town, so didn't get a chance to sit down and write you a birthday note on your big day. Hope you had a great one! baci, Ada