Monday, November 12, 2007

Last week while Giovanni was in London on a buisness trip I went to visit some friends (more like my 2nd family) in Verona. This is Edda and Remo in the center of the city, we are planning a trip to USA sometime in the late spring. Remo is loosing his eye sight and has always wanted to go to America. He is a big lover of History and music, especially Jazz. They are just great, I truly feel as if they are my long lost Italian parents!
This is my sweet sister Esther. She is from Nigeria, but has lived in Italy for about 15 years! She is an amazing woman and I admire her selflessness! My trip was too short and I did not have a chance to see her 1yr old daughter Racheal, but in a few weeks Esther will be baptized and we will go back to Verona!

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Christel said...

Rachael, you look great!

love ya!