Sunday, November 18, 2007

Giovanni works with a local Rabbi for connections with Israel and the City of Milan. We had dinner at the Rabbi's house on Friday night along with other friends of theirs. We were invited to a wedding today (Sunday). Since neither Gio or I had ever been to a Jewish wedding we were both curious and exctied to attend. The first is a picture of the end of the ceramony. After 7 blessings in Hebrew from 7 different Rabbis the couple drank some wine and broke the glass to simbolize the destruction of the King Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. For them it is to remember that in a time of Joy they need to remember that there is still sorrow in the world and that they are waiting for the Messiah to come.
It is nice to expand our horizions by learning about those around us!
Here is a self shot of Gio and myself after the ceramony as well as some boys waiting their turn at the punch table. They were playing around the hotel, just like any other wedding. Some things are the same everywhere!

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Anonymous said...

You both look great! I love your blog! Everyone is fine here! Gwyneth Abigail has taken the world by storm...she's a doll! Love to all, Greg