Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I realized that well over one month ago was the last time I posted. I am on blogger nearly everyday... just felt a bit overwhelmed by the business of everyday and not having much motivation to post anything. Gio has asked me a few times if I have updated the blog and I reminded him that he also has access if he feels so inclined to jot a few things down. Maybe in the future he will become more of a regular!
Isaac is growing, growing, growing! He has the sweetest smile! No matter what is going on or how tired I am when he smiles the whole world is at peace!

Charlotte is potty training, and doing pretty good at it. She loves to add a sticker to her chart every time she makes it to the potty!
The days come and go and most days my house looks worse when I lay down then it did when I got up. I guess this is part of being a Mom. The heat is killing any motivation that I had to clean and organize, but we did retrieve our two fans that were being stored at the neighbors house, Thank goodness we have some relief now! I honestly don't know how I will ever survive the summer here in Milan! It is only May and I can barely handle the hot sticky weather!