Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Butt Heads!

Yesterday Charlotte picked up a crayon told me it was blue and then continued to put it between her fingers as if she had a cigarette! She laughed and blew out a mouth full of air! Only 2 years old and already she thinks that it's cool to smoke! Horrible! I know that living in Italy there are many people who smoke, but I guess I was a bit native to the influence on my little ones! A few hours after this incident we were at the park and I was following Char's around with Isaac in the stroller. I watch a woman light up right next to me! No wonder, kids really absorb everything! They observe and try to do things the see us do! I better watch my actions because I know that what I say and do will be mimicked by little Lottie!


Mommy Madness said...

SO TRUE!! I've had to talk to my kids about not even pretending to smoke on several occasions. At least 5 of our neighbors smoke so my kids see it often. I try to emphasize how bad it is for our bodies and what happens to our lungs. (Unfortunately, they want to tell everyone who smokes what will happen, which is quite embarassing.)

Kristi said...

You should walk around with a spray can labeled "TOXIC POISON" to spray at smokers near your child. How does it make them feel?