Friday, April 9, 2010

Postcards from PARIS

Almost last minute we decided to head to Paris for Easter Weekend to visit with friends and enjoy all of the blooming beauty that spring offers! Leaving Friday night we arrived a little down due to Gio loosing his phone on our first flight and being unable to track it down (sad), however we were so happy to be on a mini vacation and see our dear friends that 1 phone less was no big deal. We spent our time relaxing and walking most of the major sites. When we spent 3 months there 2 years ago I was able to "see and do" most all the touristy things- (Gio unfortunately worked)so we just wanted to take it easy. We watched some movies and Gio got in a few games of Chess with Richard! Our gracious hosts treated us so well while there- THANK YOU Elaine and Richard we Love you!
Check out a few of our memories below. Have you been to PAris? What was your favorite memory?
*Trying Escargot and liking it!
*Charlotte eating a chocolate Easter egg 4 the first time
*Playing on the lawns at Trocadero and enjoying the view of the E. tower
*Brunch nearly everyday
*Chess matches
*Eating Crepes on the streets
*Great weather
*showing Charlotte around


Teresa said...

Mon petit cheri amore. What a fun trip you had! Is that poop on a cracker?? "Only in France" I say!! What a lucky little girl. And I love her Easter dolly too!

Kristi said...

What a fun weekend. Maybe on the next trip over the Atlantic, whenever that will be . . .

The Brinkerhoffs said...

im jealous
lottie looks so cute in the glasses
i LOVE the blue door
if only we could decided last minute to go to paris