Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby S

Welcome to the world BABY S!!! You are so dolce! WE love you!!!

Lottie and I went to visit friends today- Look how sweet little "S" is, just over one week old! SO SWEET!!! Lottie was pretty surprised when "S" started crying and realized she was REAL, no dolly here!!! She got to work on saying "baby" and doing the sign that goes along with it. Lottie was very happy to try and snuggle up on baby S.
In preparation for S's arrival I helped Mommy Michelle make most of the bedding and other details for the new special room! We had a blast doing it- learned that neither of us can sew a very straight line, but that it is so fun to work on projects in more then one! Thanks for giving me something to help out on, I really enjoyed it!
I also made a diaper cake for baby S including a binky clip, burp cloths, nursing cover and a car seat tent the topper was a little pair of reversable kimono style booties, wishing I had a picture of the cake it turned out so Cute!


Teresa said...

Little S and little C will be the best of friends! And her room is so bella!

Natalie said...

Lottie is changing so fast. She is such a cuttie.
"s" is kind of defeated when you post the wood art, lol!
It turned out so cute. You guys are awesome and amazing.
Miss you tons.