Saturday, March 13, 2010

Peek of Rome

Here are a few pictures of us at TREVI fountain where Lottie threw her first "wishing to return to ROME coin"- she loved it! Especially throwing it over her shoulder!


Teresa said...

I dont remember throwing a coin in that fountain -- maybe that means I wont return. Love her little pink poodle coat:)

The Brinkerhoffs said...

I remember running all over Rome with my big sis trying to make it back to our hostel so we wouldnt get locked out... too bad we didnt realize there was no curfew that night. Gotta love La Befana! I miss Rome so much, my biggest regret is we never made it into the Vatican. So I guess my coin should still be working on getting me back to Rome. I also watched Three Coins in a Fountain a couple of days ago and it made me envious.

melange muse said...

such a cute little family! I miss you guys!