Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Lottie is growing!
Right now she seems to understand SOOOO much! Friday evening I was getting ready so we could go out, I was in the bedroom getting dressed and for a final touch put on a necklace. I stepped into another room to do something else and called Lottie so I could load her up to go- out she came walking with a pearl necklace on!!! Then she walked back in the bedroom and the next thing I knew she had on the matching bracelet! She is so very observant! When she is about to do something she knows she shouldn't she looks at me shakes her head "NO" then does it anyway... a mind of her own, that is for sure! I love her so very much! She has started to say "daddy", "mommy", "milk" "meahn" (amen), and other little noises. She reminds us MANY times during the day to pray- she is so sweet!

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The Royce Family! said...

So cute! I miss little L Bug!! I love when my girls get ready with me. We all sit in the mirror and do our make up, hair and of course accessorize!! Except my girls are waaay more high maintenance than me?! You need to get more pictures and video of her!!