Saturday, September 26, 2009

weekend plans

This weekend we had planned to go on a family friendly bike ride in the Dolomite mountains. From a small town in Italy over the border to Austria, we have been looking forward to riding with friends now for a few weeks. Friday morning Gio woke up with a sore throat, working through out the day did not improve things and by the time little Lottie woke up from her afternoon nap she had a runny nose. From there both of them digressed and we spent most of the night awake. Charlotte had a fever all night and in the morning after some medicine it broke- they are both feeling better now, but are resting up. We hope to make the ride before it gets too cool here!


The Royce Family! said...

Hope you guys feel better soon!!

Amy E. said...

Feel better! I want to come bike riding with you in the Italian mountains!