Monday, September 14, 2009

un- pack

Since Little C and I arrived home I feel as if I only pack, unpack, lander, pack, ect... About 48 hours after touching down in Milan we were in a car on our way to the Dolomite Mountains to hang out with Gio's parents, sister and aunt. We had a great time spending a few days eating freshly picked apples while breathing crisp mountain air and looking for waterfalls!

As soon as we got home I once again cleaned, laundered and prepared for cousins Angela and Tim to arrive. They only stayed a day with us, but what a fun day it was! A morning of sightseeing around Milan lunching on famous Luini panzerotti and geltao, naps then back out to Milan's fashion district for Vogue Magazine Fashion night out! We were squished together with many other Milanese and visitors walking the red carpet down Via della Spiga and window shopping the well know designers. We even stopped into Roberto Cavalli for a refreshing Free cocktail (juice and ice for us). Lottie was dressed in her Armani, but that is not the only reason people found her irresistibly adorable! Some Japanese tourist even wanted her picture! It was a fun day!
A new week has started and I am trying to get back to our "normal" but am thinking of taking off mid week to go back to the Dolomites to finish the week off with the Crisione family while they are still in the North- oh my I nearly forgot! My FIL Aldo turned 70 this past summer- he has conquered his fear and finally flew as a passenger on a PLANE!!! we are very proud of him! not to mention the possibilities that await him now that the sky is literally the limit!


Teresa said...

I thought I felt tall around the Italians. I cant imagine what kind of reaction Tim gets! We are so proud of Aldo! And tell little C's daddy that she needs apples in the form of "sauce" with only 2 little teeth to chomp on them with.

Allie said...

what a fun summer! Vacations and short trips are so nice! Wish I could have met up with you while you were in the states... maybe we will have to come visit you?

outlaw in TX said...

Rach, LOVED looking at all the photos of Lottie....she is so darling. It was great to visit with you in SLC and catch up. You are lucky to be able to travel the world. Enjoy! I visit your family blog often - so keep the photos coming. Love you dears.
Aunt D