Friday, September 25, 2009

around the house

Here are a few pictures from my phone the past few weeks- Lottie helping me unpack, sweep, canning apples, and she found the washing machine.
It is pretty funny to watch her when it is on. She stays at the door way and watches it turn- not so sure what it is or if she should get closer, she does the same with the vacuum.
Little Lottie is really growing! She is standing more on her own and is so funny! I love her laugh! She claps her hands and has recently stared to shake them like crazy- also she is shaking her head "no, no" I am pretty sure she does not know what it means, but it is funny that she does it! Lottie loves to dance and move her legs around- she is really so fun to be around! She lights up any room!

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Teresa said...

Charlotte, I love your little face in the washing machine.