Monday, December 10, 2007

What a weekend!

This weeekend was fun for me, I am not sure Giovanni would say the same thing... since he worked for all of it! Friday was a holiday here in Milano, St. Ambrogio, our city patron saint. Giovanni was busy at work! The opening of the Scala Oprea season was on Friday and he was responsible for escorting a Canadian Minister for the evening. The Opera (this season features Wagner) started at 5pm and ended at 10:30pm!!!! Then there was the Gala Dinner after the opera, dinning on fine Italian food till around 1 am! While Gio was working my new friend Amanda and I went to a party! Amanda is also American and married to an Italian, Zeno (whom I mention previously). He works with Giovanni, it is nice to have someone to talk with while Gio is always at work, and who understands the office he works in!
A few weeks ago Gio helped a flim crew get the needed permits to film a movie here in Milan. He had been invited many times to the set to see what he helped with, but poor Gio is always busy! Friday was the last day of filming so they had rented out a club to celebrate what they had filmed and to show the highlights of the success in Milan. Amanda and I decided to go since our hubbies would be busy all night! It was fun! The movie looks exciting, The International. Starring Naomi Watts and Clive Owen. We did not see Naomi, but Clive was there, actually if you look close you will see his back behind Amanda in the picture. After a few hours of loud music we left and made it to the Gala dinner in time for dessert (and to see our husbands)! Gio and I made it home around 1:30am and in bed by 2. Gio worked all day Saturday while I ran errands and got some Christmas presents made! Sunday was a similar story, Amanda and Zeno came over. While Zeno and Giovanni worked till midnight, Amanda and I made gnocchi and christmas cookies! I should post pictures of that. The city is dressed in lights to celebrate Christmas! It is beautiful! My little camera does not do the center and the grand tree justice, though I still tried.
Tomorrow Gio leaves for New York (another quick trip), Saturday we head to Sicily for Christmas! I am very much looking forward to it!


Christel said...

Wow! You have such an exciting life! You look great by the way!

Love ya.

Micalina bellisima said...

Cristel's right, you DO have an exciting life. I just love your blog, thanks for keeping us all up to date on your magical, far-away life. So have you keep your hair short or do you just have it pulled back in all your pic's? Sorry, I'm a little behind on things. either way-it's totally hot on you! I bet Gio love it ;)