Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa's Elves

Santa's Elves
On the night of the 23rd of December in Royce- Criscione land, Santa's little elves sneek into all of the little children's bedrooms while they sleep to see if they have been good or bad. If they have been good and their room is clean, then the elves will count them by touching their nose.
So in the morning when they wake up, if their nose has a little soot on it, then Santa will visit, if there is nothing then they have one more day to make things right with Santa Claus. written by Teresa Royce
As you can see the Elves found us here in Ragusa! So far they have followed us to Hawaii, NYC, and now here! I love this tradition and hope my kids someday will love it too!

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Ada Bowler said...

I love the soot on your nasos! Cute tradition. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Love and miss you to the sky!